Find out what DTTO is and how DTTO can help your business achieve success with Social Media Marketing

DTTO is a Social Media Platform that connects Advertisers with Social Media Influencers. Social Media Influencers connect with DTTO to share your ads.

DTTO can deliver large amounts of targeted engagements instantly. DTTO can deliver on campaigns from a few hundred to billions of engagements.

DTTO can spread your engagements over all Social Media platforms at once instead of one at a time. Spreading out your campaigns makes ads go viral.





Choose a small area or an entire country. DTTO advertising can locate your audience no matter where they are located.

truely targeted

DTTO gives you the option to select any audience on any platform in any city. Choose from a single town or choose the entire globe. DTTO can help you reach your crowd.


Since DTTO ads are shared from real influencers, your ad is seen on actual time lines and not in ad spaces. This makes your ad feel organic.

True organic marketing

Each time an Influencer shares your ad it appears on their timeline because these are real people sharing your info. These ads never show up on ad spaces or banner spots. 


DTTO offers the ability for the masses to access your ad in such a large scale that your campaign will go viral across all Social Media platforms.

Make your ads go viral

DTTO gives you live access to millions of influencers who are ready to share your content with their friends, family and followers. This is how viral works.


DTTO takes your ad money and passes it right to the influencers eliminating the middleman. This keeps our ad rates low and our Influencers income high.

affordable viral marketing

DTTO advertisers enjoy affordable advertising because each of our influencers share the money spent on the ad campaign. The money goes directly to the Influencer.


DTTO can not only satisfy any size ad campaign but DTTO can also repeat this campaign as often as you see fit. We can do several campaigns per day.

we have plenty for everyone

Since DTTO has so many influecers you can run several scheduled campaigns a day to insure saturation across all Social Media platforms. We can go through Influencers without the worry of using the same one twice


Access DTTO on the go with our mobile app. Never be away from the control and the statistics while you are out of the home or office.

Access dtto from everywhere

DTTO offers users full access to create new ad campaigns from anywhere. You never know where you will be next time you get that idea. You can also access you current statistics from anywhere as well. Full control insures users success.

What DTTO does for Business?


DTTO makes use of all Social Media on all platforms. DTTO has Influencers that share your ads on the Social Media platforms they use most. Allowing such a wide range of platforms gives your ad reach maximum accuracy. DTTO can reach more people with your ad than you can get from any other platform. Our reach expands farther than just Social Media alone. DTTO also shares ads on Social Media around the world as well as TXT, MMS, Email and more.

DTTO’s influencers are what makes this so powerful. DTTO Influencers put your ads in to all the organic and unsaturated areas on the internet. Results only DTTO can bring.


Political Ads 1Million+ 100%
Large Business Ads 250k+ 100%
Small Business Ads 25k+ 100%
Event Ads 1k+ 100%
Personal Promo Ads 100+ 100%


How does DTTO make ad campaigns go viral? I was hoping you would ask. DTTO Connects with millions of influencers and regular people across every country. DTTO doesn’t just tell Influencers to share your ads, the DTTO app connects to each Influencers actual social media account. This allows for DTTO to learn what type on influencer they are. DTTO then uses this info to select the best influencers to share your ad campaigns. Your ad campaign shows up on DTTO Influencers time lines and not in any sponsored or paid locations. DTTO’s influencers are regular everyday people on the internet that are ready to share your ad campaign with their followers. Why is it better to have regular people talking about your ad? Everyday people have 50 times the influence than a celebrity can bring.

“When Ed tells Bob to check out that new toolbox, Bob is more likely to listen to Ed than if it was from Tim Allen himself.” – DTTO

People don’t engage with banners and ad’s like they used to. This is why DTTO campaigns are different. DTTO campaigns don’t look like ads or banners. Your ad campaigns are posted directly on our Influencers timelines. Our Influencers are everyday people doing everyday things. DTTO Influencers have followers that are closer to them than any other word of mouth connection. DTTO influencers share your ad campaign with their friends, family, co-workers, locals, organizations, communities, neighbors, enemies, stalkers and so many more. This gives your ad views the instant attraction that only DTTO can bring.

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